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The Lennart Meri Conference is a high-level annual meeting at which foreign and security policy issues are discussed from the perspective of the Northern and Eastern parts of Europe.


Lennart Meri Memorial Conference "Remember the Future Europe" 

March 29–31, 2007, Tallinn, Estonia 

The International Centre for Defence Studies and the Lennart Meri European Foundation organised the first Lennart Meri Memorial Conference “Remember the Future Europe”, which took place from 29-31 March, 2007 in Tallinn. The patron of the Conference is President Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

Conceived as a new forum to discuss Europe’s burning issues and problems, the Conference is intended to carry forward Lennart Meri’s legacy and to ensure that Estonia continues to be seen as a country willing and able to play a proper part in the discovery of solutions and opportunities. The Conference is intended to become an annual high level event.

The theme of the first Conference was chosen to reflect one of President Meri’s foremost interests: Europe, its identity and security. The timing of the Conference was not random; 29 March was both Lennart Meri’s birthday and also the day on which in 2004 Estonia achieved one of his most cherished foreign policy goals: entry into NATO.

The Conference was supported by high level attendance from both practitioners and academics from Europe and America, among them many friends and former colleagues of President Meri


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Lennart Meri Conference – LMC
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