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The Lennart Meri Conference is a high-level annual meeting at which foreign and security policy issues are discussed from the perspective of the Northern and Eastern parts of Europe.

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Lennart Meri Conference “The Limits of Order”

April 24–26, 2015, Tallinn, Estonia

The eighth annual Lennart Meri Conference (LMC) was held on 24-26 April 2015 in Tallinn. Entitled The Limits of Order, LMC 2015 focused on the stark challenges to the current international order as we mark the 40th anniversary of the Helsinki Final Act.

The global order is currently being challenged on an unprecedented scale — including within Europe. Many if not all of the fundamental principles of the international system, together with liberal democratic values, are being abused, eroded, or outright obliterated by a range of revisionist, cynical and aggressive actors. They exploit the West's complacency, disunity, and unwillingness to act more robustly in defence of those principles and values, employing a mix of methods and strategies that leave Western institutions, governments, and societies exposed, confounded, and off-balance. We are scrambling for a proper response to protect the current order on which our security, prosperity, and freedoms rest—and which the West has taken for granted until now.

Russia's international behaviour and the efforts by the West to counter it; strategic dilemmas facing the Eastern Partnership countries; emerging security dynamics in the North Atlantic area; political challenges to the European integration project; continuing turbulence in the Middle East; new efforts towards the “weaponisation” of information, and other topical issues were explored during LMC’s plenary and breakout sessions.

The event began the evening of Friday, 24 April and closed on the early afternoon of Sunday, 26 April.


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Lennart Meri Conference – LMC
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