Lennart Meri Conference – LMC

The Lennart Meri Conference is a high-level annual meeting at which foreign and security policy issues are discussed from the perspective of the Northern and Eastern parts of Europe.

Conference Videos

Lennart Meri Conference 10 Anniversary (03:00)

Lennart Meri Conference 2009 video. Featuring Kadri Liik, director of International Centre for Defence Studies. (07:50)

Lennart Meri Conference 2008 video. Featuring commentary by Kadri Liik, the highlights of the conference and a moving reminiscence about Lennart Meri by Uffe-Elleman Jensen. (08:14)


Is There a Fair Burden Sharing Among NATO Allies?

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European Defence Spending: Turning a Corner?

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg issued his Annual Report this week, including the most recent figures for the Allies’ defence expenditure.

The Dutch-Turkish Row: Can It Be Solved?

If you want to make an argument pointless, call your opponent a ‘Nazi’. That is exactly what happened between the Netherlands and Turkey recently,...
Lennart Meri Conference – LMC
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