Date: 15-17 May, 2020
Time: from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon
Participation: invitation only


“We can never have too much security,” said President Lennart Meri. To mark his continuing legacy in foreign and security policy thinking, the annual Lennart Meri Conference aims to encourage curiosity and debate, highlight unity and diversity, and foster liberty and democracy. Since 2007 it has assembled distinguished policymakers, analysts, politicians, military personnel and academia from around the globe in Tallinn, Estonia.

Curious about what to expect? Click here to read about the Lennart Meri Conference 2019, view photos and quotes, short video interviews, etc.

The panel discussions at the Lennart Meri Conference are open to both invited guests and to accredited press. The official conference website and ICDS Facebook page will provide live streaming of panel discussions that are not under Chatham House Rule.

The breakfast and night owl sessions will be conducted under Chatham House Rule and access is granted to invited guests only.

Click here to find out more about the conference policy and practicalities.

More detailed information and the programme will be published shortly before the conference. Media accreditation opens in the beginning of April.

Do not hesitate to contact Triin Oppi, Head of Communications at ICDS, at or +372 502 5120 if you have any questions about communication and media engagements.