Media Guide

“We can never have too much security,” said President Lennart Meri. To mark his continuing legacy in foreign and security policy thinking, the annual Lennart Meri Conference aims to encourage curiosity and debate, highlight unity and diversity, and foster liberty and democracy. Since 2007, every year, the debates not only take place on the stage, but also across a multitude of platforms.

We would like to encourage you to join us in informing a wider audience about the important discussions at the Lennart Meri Conference. Here are the ways you can engage with us.

Conference policy

The panel discussions will be live streamed and are open to accredited press. The breakfast and night owl sessions will be conducted under Chatham House Rule and access is limited.

Live stream

The official conference website will provide live streaming of panel discussions that are not under Chatham House Rule. To directly share our live video feed, please use this URL:….


Our official Twitter handle is @ICDS_Tallinn. We will be tweeting live from the conference with updates on the programme and the ongoing discussions. We encourage you to tag our Twitter handle in tweets related to the conference or our organisation to facilitate interaction between our channels. The official hashtag of the conference is #LennartMeriConference2019. Our official Twitter channel will use this hashtag in all content surrounding this year’s conference.


The ICDS.Tallinn Facebook page features photos from the conference, updates from the programme, videos, links to media coverage and link to live streaming of panel discussions of the conference programme. We appreciate you sharing our content from the conference via your Facebook page or linking to our Facebook content.


All official photos in the gallery are free to use, please mention copyright “©Annika Haas/ Lennart Meri Conference” when using.

Press room

We expect around 70 journalists from both Estonia and abroad to the conference. The press room is located on the same floor as other conference facilities at the Radisson Blu Sky Hotel (the Kiel room, see the floor plan). TV interviews can be conducted at the end of the foyer. Please coordinate the interview requests with Mrs Maris Hellrand (, +372 56 2011 18).


If you have any questions about communication during the Lennart Meri Conference 2019, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Triin Oppi at or +372 502 5120.