Conference Policy


The Lennart Meri Conference is organised by the International Centre for Defence and Security (ICDS), a Tallinn-based think tank in cooperation with Lennart Meri European Foundation. The President of Estonia is the Patron of the Conference. Main partners are the Ministry of Defence of Estonia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, several NGOs and supporters from the private sector. Volunteers help us run the conference smoothly.

If you have any questions about Lennart Meri Conference to which you cannot find the answer from this website, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us –


The Lennart Meri Conference is an invitation only event. The invitation will be e-mailed and we only approve registrations made in our registrations system. Please register at your earliest convenience as the seats are limited!


For speakers, we cover flights and accommodation. The conference does not cover costs for local transfers in country of residence. If a speaker fails to attend the conference for personal reasons (family, sickness etc.), the ICDS reserves the right to request for the refund at least 50% of the flight costs.

For other participants, to book your stay at any of the Conference hotels you can kindly use our Conference discount code. For all guests accommodated in hotels connected to the conference we provide transportation from and to the airport, the harbour, and the bus or railway station. Your personal transfer information will be given to you upon arrival at the Registration Desk.


The Registration Desk opens at 1 PM on Friday. We kindly ask you to collect your badge at your earliest convenience to avoid queuing. Our colleagues at the LMC Registration Desk will be at your disposal from early morning to late evening during the Conference and will be happy to help you with any questions or inquiries you might have.


Security of guests is of paramount importance to the organisers. Therefore, we kindly ask you to wear your badge at all times when attending the LMC. Access to the conference will be only permitted to those wearing their badge provided by the organisers at the Registration Desk. Please note that the badge is non-transferable and any violation of this policy may result in expulsion from the conference. We also ask for your patience and understanding if and when subjected to a security check upon your arrival to the conference. In case of an emergency please inform the nearest organising team member.


Presidential dinner – by invitation only. For attendees of the dinner, the organisers will arrange bus transport from the Conference venue to the respective venue.

Tours – organisers will arrange the bus transportation to the chosen tour from the Conference venue.


Time – Estonia uses East-European Time, EET, which is one hour ahead of Central European Time, CET, in other words GMT+2 in winter and GMT+3 in summer.

Money and banks – From 2011, Estonia is using the Euro (EUR), the single European currency.
ATMs can be found all around Tallinn. Beware that an Estonian ATM first gives you your money and only then returns the card. Worse, you have to ask the machine to give your card back. Luckily for you, these machines speak English. Almost all businesses accept bank cards (even for the smallest payments) and the local people carry very little cash.

Internet – Although the popularity of WiFi is declining in favor of mobile data connection, public WiFi hotspots are commonplace in Tallinn. In particular, networks can be found in most = cafeterias or pubs. WiFi is also offered by all hotels.