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LMC 2018


This year’s tours to LMC guests will offer a bit of history, a breath of fresh air and a visit to two NATO frigates.

  • Ott Sandrak, an Estonian globetrotter and historian will take you through the history of Tallinn on a walking tour of the Old Town.
  • Or join us for a walk in the park – Kadriorg Park is the favourite playground of locals with its Baroque crown jewel – the Palace of Catherine I.
  • Explore Tallinn Military Cemetery – the quintessence of Estonia’s 20th century military history and location of the controversial soviet war memorial “Bronze Solider”– guided by Trivimi Velliste.
  • Maritime NATO in the Baltic invites to visit the Standing NATO Maritime Group One vessels.

All LMC guests are most welcome. The excursions will be conducted in English.