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Andrey Dmitriev

Head of the Tell the Truth Movement, Belarus

Andrey Dmitriev’s extensive experience in Belarusian opposition began in 2001, at the liberalconservative United Civic Party, where he was active for over a decade. He also has been working as a political technologies specialist for different political campaigns in Belarus, Russian, and Ukraine and is one of the founders of the School of Young Managers in Public Administration. Mr. Dmitriev’s main political activity began in 2010 in the capacity of a deputy leader of the Tell the Truth campaign in Belarus. In 2015 Mr Dmitriev was the head of campaign of democratic presidential candidate Tatiana Korotkevich. In 2016 he participated in parliamentary election. Results of elections were not recognized by OSCE due to many facts of falsifications.
Updated: May 10, 2017