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Giuseppe Perrone

Giuseppe Perrone

Ambassador of Italy to Libya

Giuseppe Perrone is the Ambassador of Italy to Libya. After growing up in Southern Calabria, he graduated in Political Science from the University of Turin in 1988, where he specialized in International Affairs. He joined the Diplomatic Corps on February 1990, and attended the Diplomatic Institute Training Course. He was an Assistant to the Military Advisor to the President of the Republic; then assistant to the Diplomatic Advisor to the Minister for Defense (1990-1991). After a short assignment at the Foreign Ministry in the Directorate General for Political Affairs, he served at the Italian Embassy in Algiers (1992-1995) in charge of Political Affairs and of the Offi ce for Aid to Development. He was the First Secretary at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC (1995-1999) in charge of Mediterranean and African Affairs within the Political Offi ce as well as of Cultural Affairs. He was Deputy Director for the Middle East at the Foreign Ministry HQ (1999-2002), Presidency of the Republic, Offi ce of the Diplomatic Advisor to the President (2002-2006) and Chief Political Offi cer at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC (2006-2011). Consul General of Italy in Los Angeles, CA (2011-2014) and Principal Director for the Mediterranean and the Middle East at Foreign Ministry HQ, Rome (2014-2017). In 2005 received the high distinction of “Commendatore dell’Ordine al Merito della Repubblica” from the President of the Republic.
Updated: May 31, 2018