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Greg Yudin

Professor at The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences and Visiting Research Scholar at Princeton University

Dr Greg Yudin is a professor of political philosophy and an MA programme head at The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. He studies political theory of democracy with the special emphasis on public opinion polls as a technology of representation and governance in contemporary politics. His interests include plebiscitary democracy, populism, history of mass suffrage. He holds a PhD in philosophy from the Higher School of Economics. Currently, he obtains a second PhD degree in politics at The New School of Social Research in New York and  is a Visiting Research Scholar at the University Center for Human Values, Princeton University. Dr Yudin authored Public Opinion: The Power of Numbers (The European University Press, 2020) and edited a collective volume Living in Debt on the effect of consumer credit on the life of communities in Russia (Saint Tikhon University Press, 2020). He also regularly contributes to major Russian and international media, such as Open Democracy and Republic.
Updated: April 11, 2023