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James H. Anderson

Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy, Plans and Capabilities, U.S. Department of Defense

Dr James H. Anderson is responsible for advising the Secretary of Defense and the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy on national security and defence strategy; the forces and contingency plans necessary to implement defence strategy; nuclear deterrence and missile defence policy; and security cooperation plans and policies. Prior to this appointment, Dr Anderson served as Vice President of Academic Affairs at the Marine Corps University, where he supervised the academic programmes that educate thousands of Marines annually. Dr Anderson previously served as the Director of Middle East Policy in the Offi ce of the Secretary of Defense, and the Director of the Program of Advanced Security Studies at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. His professional awards include the Department of the Army Superior Civilian Service Award and the Offi ce of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service.
Updated: March 17, 2019