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Jessica Berlin

Foreign Policy Analyst and Managing Director, CoStruct

Jessica Berlin is a foreign policy analyst, media commentator, and a leading German voice for increased support to Ukraine. Her career has spanned over 16 years in security, foreign policy, economic development, and tech, including work with government agencies, civil society, and the private sector across four continents. Ms Berlin focuses on transatlantic security, African-European relations, and Germany’s evolving role in the world. Her commentary has been featured by DW News, BBC, CNN, the Washington Post, Al Jazeera English, ZDF, ARD, France 24, Tagesspiegel, NZZ, Bild, et al. Ms Berlin is the founder of the strategy consultancy CoStruct and vice chairman at pan-African fintech company :brij. She has been the recipient of honorary fellowships from the German Marshall Fund of the United States, BMW Foundation, Robert Bosch Foundation, Atlantic Dialogues, GlobSec, et al.
Updated: April 25, 2023