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LMC 2023

Ukraine: What We Live For, What We Die For

As Ukraine fights Russia’s aggression for a second year, much is still at stake for the country itself, for Europe, and for the world. While western support has been indispensable, it is not certain that Europe’s assistance would have been so extensive and cohesive without American leadership. But now there are signs of war fatigue—across the Atlantic where US support to the war may become a factor in the upcoming elections, and in parts of Europe.


Samuel Charap

Senior Political Scientist at the RAND Corporation

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff

Deputy Chair of Free Democrats (FDP), German Bundestag

George P Kent

US Ambassador to Estonia

Tara Varma

Visiting Fellow in the Center of the United States and Europe at Brookings

Andriy Zagorodnyuk

Chairman of Centre for Defence Strategies and Distinguished Fellow of Atlantic Council


Michał Baranowski

Senior Fellow and The Director at German Marshall Fund East

Can the US maintain its role as the leader of the western coalition supporting Ukraine? Can Europe preserve unity if the war endures for a prolonged period? How can Ukraine deal with the multiple challenges of fighting corruption, preparing for EU and NATO membership, strengthening democratic governance, rebuilding infrastructure, sustaining the economy, and returning refugees, all while fighting a brutal war? What must be done to ensure that Ukraine emerges from the war as a strong democracy with a successful economy? Who should do it?

Serhiy Zhadan “What We Live For, What We Die For.”

(title of collection of selected poems) (2019)