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Charles Kriel

Founder of Kriel.Agency

Dr. Charles Kriel is the Specialist Advisor to the House of Commons DCMS Select Committee on Immersive and Addictive Technologies, and the former Specialist Advisor to the same Committee on Fake News, investigating the Cambridge Analytica / Facebook scandal. Dr. Kriel is one of the world’s leading experts on data and ethics. He is also a delegate to the 73rd United Nations General Assembly as a specialist in media-based counter-terrorism. A lifelong broadcaster and writer, Dr. Kriel works in conflict zones and fragile states promoting free press and countering violent extremism. He’s an Emmy-nominated game designer, ex-BBC Radio 1 Resident Artist, novelist, and is currently shooting a documentary on disinformation and data as a collaboration between Bifröst Media and his company, Kriel.Agency. Dr. Kriel is an Associate Fellow at King’s College Strategic Communication centre, and the Research Fellow for Data, Ethics and Trust at Corsham Institute.  
Updated: May 1, 2019