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Christopher S Chivvis

Director and Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 

Dr Christopher S Chivvis is a Senior Fellow and Director of the American Statecraft Program at the Carnegie Endowment. He has more than two decades of experience working on US foreign policy and national security challenges, having most recently served as the US National Intelligence Officer for Europe. At Carnegie, Dr Chivvis leads policy-focused research aimed at developing realistic US strategy for an era of great power competition and building a foreign policy that serves the needs of the American people. Before joining the National Intelligence Council, he was the deputy head of the RAND Corporation’s international security programme, worked in the Defense Department, and held positions at multiple universities and think tanks in the United States and Europe. Dr Chivvis is also the author of three scholarly books and several monographs and articles. His commentary has appeared in the New York Times, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, National Interest, and National Public Radio, among others. Dr Chivvis holds a PhD from Johns Hopkins, where he teaches courses on international history and US foreign policy.  
Updated: April 24, 2024