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Gerhard Conrad

Director of the EU Intelligence and Situation Centre

Gerhard Conrad is the director of the EU Intelligence and Situation Centre. EU INTCEN provides early warning, situational awareness and intelligence analysis to the High Representative/ Vice President (HR/VP) Federica Mogherini and to the EEAS in close cooperation with the Intelligence Directorate of the EU Military Staff. Prior to taking up his post as Director of EU INTCEN, Dr Conrad served in the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) since 1990, where he held positions as Head of CT-Branch/Division Middle East, Head of a Special Staff on Secret International Humanitarian Negotiations and Chief of Staff to BND Presidents. He has also served in various positions in the German embassies in Damascus, Beirut and London as well as in Military Intelligence (MoD), where he is Offi cer of Reserve (LTC).
Updated: May 10, 2017