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Hiroyuki Akita

Commentator at Nikkei

Akita Hiroyuki is a commentator for Nikkei. He regularly writes columns and analyses on foreign and international security affairs, as well as Japanese foreign and security policies at the political news department. Having joined Nikkei in 1987, Mr Akita was a Beijing correspondent (1994-98) and Washington chief correspondent (2002-06). In Beijing, he reported major news events such as Hong Kong’s handover to China. While in Washington, DC, he covered the White House, the Pentagon, and the State Department during the Bush administration. Mr Akita was a senior and editorial writer (2009-17) and a member of the Leader Writing Team at The Financial Times. Having graduated from Jiyu Gakuen College, he also received an MA from Boston University and was an associate of the US-Japan Program at Harvard University. Mr Akita is the author of two books on US-Japan relations and has recently won the Vaughn-Ueda International Journalist Award for outstanding reporting of international affairs. 
Updated: April 11, 2024