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Marek Tamm

Marek Tamm

Professor of Cultural History, Tallinn University, Estonia

Marek Tamm is professor of cultural history and senior research fellow at the School of Humanities in Tallinn University. He is also Head of Tallinn University Centre of Excellence in Intercultural Studies and editor of the cultural monthly Vikerkaar and of the Journal of the Philosophy of History. Graduated in history and semiotics at the University of Tartu, he earned his master degree in medieval studies from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris and his doctorate degree in medieval history from Tallinn University (2009). Author of five books, of some seventy scholarly articles published in Estonian, in English and in French, and editor of ten collections of articles. His primary research fi elds are cultural history of medieval Europe, theory and history of historiography, and cultural memory studies. He has recently published a collective handbook on culture studies, How to Study Culture? Methodology of Culture Studies (in Estonian, Tallinn UP, 2016); an edited volume, Afterlife of Events: Perspectives on Mnemohistory (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), a study of Estonian historical culture, Monumental History: Essays on the Historical Culture of Estonia (in Estonian, LR, 2012); a companion to the Chronicle of Henry of Livonia, Crusading and Chronicle Writing on the Medieval Baltic Frontier (Ashgate, 2011, co-edited with Linda Kaljundi and Carsten Selch Jensen); and numerous articles in various anthologies and journals. He is currently editing together with Peter Burke a collective volume, Debating New Approaches to History (Bloomsbury, forthcoming in October 2018) and together with Olivier Laurent, a collective volume Rethinking Historical Time (Bloomsbury, forthcoming in 2019).
Updated: May 31, 2018