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Mary Elise Sarotte

Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis Distinguished Professor at Hopkins-SAIS

Dr Mary Elise Sarotte is the Marie-Josée and Henry R Kravis distinguished professor at Hopkins-SAIS in Washington, DC. Her six books include Not One Inch: America, Russia, and the Making of Post-Cold War Stalemate (2021), The Collapse: The Accidental Opening of the Berlin Wall (2014), and 1989: The Struggle to Create Post-Cold War Europe (2009), which were named The Financial Times Books of the Year (2009 and 2014), The Economist Book of the Year (2014), and Foreign Affairs Book of the Year (2021), among receiving other prizes and awards. Dr Sarotte earned her her PhD at Yale University. After graduate school, she served as a White House Fellow and subsequently joined the faculty of the University of Cambridge. Dr Sarotte received tenure at Cambridge in 2004 before returning to the United States to teach at University of Southern California and then Hopkins. She is also a former member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.
Updated: April 13, 2023