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Szabolcs Takács

Minister of State for EU Policies, Prime Minister’s Office, Hungary

Szabolcs Takács supervises a broad range of European Union issues in the Hungarian Government. He represents Hungary in the General Affairs Council. Prior to this position, he served as the Deputy State Secretary for Security Policy (Political Director) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He also served as the Deputy State Secretary for Global Affairs from 2012-13, and as a Director General of the Asia-Pacifi c Department from 2011-12. From 2005-9, he was the Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Hungary in Doha, Qatar and prior to that, since joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2002, worked at the Department of Asia-Pacifi c. He specialises in the Western-Balkan and Asia-Pacifi c regions. From 2015-16, he chaired the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), an organisation of 31 countries. Recently he become Commissioner General of Hungary for Expo2020 Dubai.
Updated: March 29, 2019