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Welcome to Lennart Meri Conference Talks

Eeva Eek-Pajuste

Former Director of the Lennart Meri Conference

ICDS is bringing the spirit of the Lennart Meri Conference online. Over the coming months, we will be challenging leading foreign and security policy thinkers around the world to address topical issues.

“We will be encouraging thought leaders to have frank exchanges of views. To bring their perspectives and experience. To discuss possible solutions. And to search for common ground,” Eeva Eek-Pajuste, Director of the Lennart Meri Conference at ICDS says. “I very much hope that we will make you think. And perhaps make you argue.”

Sit back, relax and enjoy the food for thought. Share your thoughts on the talks on Twitter using #LMC_Talks and/or on Facebook. You can find us on Twitter @ICDS_Tallinn and on Facebook @ICDS.Tallinn.