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LMC 2023

The Plague: Tackling the Hybrid Threat Pandemic

While large-scale kinetic war rages in Ukraine, European and other states are subject to multiple forms of hybrid attack. The openness of western states is fertile ground for adversaries to exploit vulnerabilities and grind down state and individual resilience. Cyberattacks, hacking, deep fakes, financial abuse, disinformation, the manipulation of vulnerable people with access to classified information, and the weaponization of migration which challenges both societal resilience and national security are among the many tools deployed against us, and which demand appropriate and proportionate responses.


Eto Buziashvili

Researcher at the Atlantic Council

David Cattler

NATO Assistant Secretary General for Intelligence and Security

Ellen Nakashima

National Security Reporter with The Washington Post

Mikael Tofvesson

Head of the Operations Department at the Swedish Psychological Defence Agency


Kimberly Dozier

Global Affairs Analyst at CNN

What forms should our response to these manifold challenges take? What agencies should be entrusted with responding? To what extent should these challenges be addressed on a national, or international basis?

“The Plague”

Albert Camus (novel title) (1947)