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LMC 2023

On the Road: Accelerating EU Enlargement?

The new security situation in Europe has plainly demonstrated the need to rethink the EU enlargement process. While Ukraine is suffering a full-scale war, many other potential candidates are exposed to hybrid threats. Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia’s limited progress in meeting the pre-accession conditions requires the EU to also reflect on how to prevent the trio from falling into a Balkans-style purgatory.


Nikola Dimitrov

Former Foreign Minister of North Macedonia

Giorgi Gakharia

Former Prime Minister of Georgia

Daria Kaleniuk

Co-founder and Executive Director of the Anti-Corruption Action Center, Co-founder and Board Member of the International Center for Ukrainian Victory

Matti Maasikas

Ambassador of the European Union to Ukraine

Veronika Movchan

Research Director at the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting


Steven Blockmans

Director Of Research at the Centre for European Policy Studies

How can the EU boost these countries’ resilience? Which pathways lend themselves best to accelerated integration? How can the EU maintain leverage in ensuring respect for the rule of law in candidate countries? How can the EU reform itself to absorb new members?

“On the Road”

Jack Kerouac (novel title) (1957)