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LMC 2018

Thinking the Unthinkable: Why Has Leadership Failed?

FaceBook’s data catastrophe; MeToo; Populism; Nationalism; Trump; Putin, Russia and the nerve agent attack; the impact of AI on work and skills; Brexit. Why are disruption and unthinkables creating ever-greater uncertainty for corporate and political leaders? Why do they have trouble thinking unthinkables then leading as voters, consumers and citizens expect? Thinking the Unthinkable reveals the private fears of top leaders during candid one-to-one conversations. Many are ‘scared’ and ‘overwhelmed’ by the new disruptions. Findings and implications for policymakers out of new data from hundreds of interviews with world leaders.


Nik Gowing
Nik Gowing

Co-author, Thinking the Unthinkable, UK

Carl Bildt

Co-chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations

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