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Carl Bildt

Co-Chair, European Council on Foreign Relations; former Prime Minister and former Foreign Minister of Sweden

Carl Bildt is the co-chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations. He has served as both Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Sweden. Under his leadership, the government initiated major liberal economic reforms and negotiated Sweden’s accession to the EU. A renowned international diplomat, he also served as EU special envoy to the Former Yugoslavia, high representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, UN special envoy to the Balkans, and co-chair of the Dayton Peace Conference. Carl Bildt was chair of the Global Commission on Internet Governance, and is a member of different boards, among them a trustee of the RAND Corporation in the US and a senior advisor to the Wallenberg Foundations in Sweden. He is a contributing columnist to The Washington Post and a columnist for Project Syndicate.
Updated: August 24, 2021




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