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Benjamin Tallis

Senior Research Fellow at the German Council on Foreign Relations

Benjamin Tallis leads the German Council on Foreign Relations’ (DGAP) 'Action Group Zeitenwende' which brings together politicians, officials, and experts to explore Germany's geostrategic options and help the country master its security transformation together with allies. He also leads DGAP's new Grand Strategy Group and co-hosts the podcast 'BerlinsideOut,' which he created. Mr Tallis regularly appears in the media across Europe and has published pieces in Foreign Policy, Politico, The Independent, and Der Spiegel, as well as academic journals including International Studies Quarterly, Cooperation and Conflict, Security Dialogue, and International Relations. He is the author of several books: To Ukraine with Love: Essays on Russia's War & Europe's Future and Identities, Borderscapes, Orders: (Im)mobility, (In)Security & Crisis in the EU and Ukraine. Mr Tallis is the creator of the concepts of Neo-Idealism and Team Power. Previously, Mr Tallis worked on EU and OSCE security missions in the Balkans and Ukraine.
Updated: April 13, 2023