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Breakfast Session under Chatham House Rule

2024 as the Year of Elections – Can Russian Disinformation Change our Politics?

May 18, 08:15-09:45
Room: Copenhagen

2024 is a year of elections. In addition to EU and US presidential elections, there will be elections in Mexico, India, and Indonesia. People in 13 African countries, including Algeria and South Africa, will also be casting their votes. Overall, almost every second person will be able to vote in an election in 2024. As the 2016 US presidential elections showed, Russia is ready to use the different tools at its disposal to interfere in elections. What can we expect this year? What message will Russia use to stir up electorates? How effective is Russia in creating conflict and division in Europe and the US? What does it hope to gain?


Jade McGlynn

Research Fellow at the Department of War Studies at King’s College London

Luigi Sergio Germani

Director of Gino Germani Institute for Social Sciences and Strategic Studies

Christo Grozev

Lead Investigator at The Insider

Daniel Markić

Director of the Security and Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Croatia

Benjamin Tallis

Senior Research Fellow at the German Council on Foreign Relations


Edward Lucas

Non-Resident Senior Fellow and Senior Adviser at CEPA