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Jana Kobzová

Foreign Policy Advisor, Office of the President of Slovakia

Jana Kobzová is an experienced professional within the field of international affairs and policy advocacy. She is a foreign policy advisor in the Office of the President of Slovakia. Before that, she worked as the policy director at Rasmussen Global, where she oversaw international policy and advocacy projects. Before joining Rasmussen Global, Jana Kobzová worked for the Brussels-based European Endowment for Democracy, where she developed and oversaw the EED grant-making in Eastern Partnership with a focus on Ukraine and Georgia. Prior to that, she was a policy fellow and coordinator of the Wider Europe programme at the London office of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), writing analyses and managing ECFR advocacy efforts on eastern Europe. Between 2006 and 2009 she led the Belarus democratisation programme at the Pontis Foundation in Slovakia. She has co-authored several books and reports on eastern Europe, democratisation and the post-Soviet space and continues to write about the subject as an associate fellow at ECFR.
Updated: April 29, 2019