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LMC 2021

Novum Modus Operandi: New Method of Operating – Russia’s Neighbourhood Policy

Ambassador Kurt Volker has pointed out that the ten years of the EU’s Eastern Partnership policy have seen Russian troops appear, in one or way another, in all the Eastern Partnership countries. Russia’s military and political messaging in the post-Soviet space has evolved significantly since the Georgian war of 2008.


Tea Akhvlediani

State Minister of Georgia for Reconciliation and Civic Equality

Jana Kobzová

Foreign Policy Advisor, Office of the President of Slovakia

Matti Maasikas

Ambassador of the European Union to Ukraine

Dmitry Suslov
Dmitry Suslov

Deputy Director, Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies, National Research University – High School of Economics, Russia


Kurt Volker

Distinguished Fellow, Center for European Policy Analysis

  • What are the objectives, means and messages of Russia’s Neighbourhood policy?
  • Does President Vladimir Putin’s assertion of the unity of the Slavic Malorossija, Belorossija and Russian nations mark a new beginning?
  • Could the battle for identity lead to a battle for independence, life and death? How does Ukraine view recent developments?
  • Do the EU and US have the chance and the will to take the strategic initiative, or is the West doomed to simply react to Russia’s moves?
  • What are the limits of Western involvement, and what might it deliver?

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