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LMC 2021

The EU27 and Global Britain. Semper ad Meliora? Always Towards Better Things?

After Brexit, the UK is trying to achieve its international ambitions through the revival of the old idea of Global Britain. The EU at 27, badly shaken by the pandemic, is struggling to maintain unity to the extent of relying on the court to force some of its members to play by the rules. The forthcoming elections in France and Germany will be important indicators of their own self perceptions but will also set the tone for the Union as a whole.


Ian Bond
Ian Bond

Director of Foreign Policy, Centre for European Reform

Thomas Gomart
Thomas Gomart

Director, French Institute of International Relations

Jakub Kulhanek
Jakub Kulhánek

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

Boris Rüge
Boris Ruge

Vice Chairman, Munich Security Conference


Theresa Fallon

Director, Centre for Russia Europe Asia Studies

  • What kind of Union will emerge from these new circumstances?
  • How will the east-west and north-south division lines inside the EU be affected?
  • Will the role and importance of local regions such as the Visegrad and Baltics countries, change?
  • How will Franco-German and the EU-UK relations develop?
  • Are new instruments needed for effective security and defence cooperation with the UK?

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