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7 questions, 7 answers: Dean Cheng, Hans Kundnani, Abdulaziz Sager, Vikas Swarup, Nicolas Tenzer, Sergey Utkin, Kaush Arha, František Vrabel.

What does the US expect of NATO and the EU with regard to China?

Dean Cheng
Senior Research Fellow, Heritage Foundation

What holds Europe together today?

Hans Kundnani
Senior Research Fellow, Chatham House

What will declining US engagement mean for the Middle East?

Abdulaziz Sager
Chairman, Gulf Research Center

In the light of challenging China, how does India perceive the Russia-West relations?

Vikas Swarup
Former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of India

How has the pandemic impacted the future of digital and physical connectivity?

Nicolas Tenzer
Chairman, Centre for Study and Reseach on Political Decision

What impact do Russia’s Zapad exercises have on its neighbourhood?

Sergey Utkin
Head of Strategic Assessment Section, Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences

Can the West influence the Russia-China relationship?

Kaush Arha
Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

How can the West be more resilient in the digital space?

František Vrabel
CEO, Semantic Visions