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Visit the official government website for the most up to date information about the situation in Estonia. To ensure maximum safety at the conference, we need both to provide and to ask for more information than usual prior to the conference. We kindly ask you to read these guidelines with care.


This year, the conference will take place at the Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel (F.R. Kreutzwaldi 23, 10147, Tallinn). The conference area on the second floor can only be entered by presenting your vaccination certificate, a document proving that you have been ill with COVID-19 in the past 180 days or a negative COVID-19 rapid test, conducted in the LMC testing centre.

Your conference badge needs to be visible at all times of the conference. In addition, please carry with you the documentation proving your health status.

Health and safety

As of 30 August, 97.5% of registered LMC guests have been vaccinated. We have asked our support staff (hotel personnel in contact with conference delegates, caterers, technicians, drivers etc.) to be vaccinated as well; those who are not will be tested daily during the conference.

All unvaccinated guests will need to get tested each day prior to entering the conference area.

Opening hours for the testing centre:

  • Friday, 3 September, 13:00-19:00
  • Saturday, 4 September, 07:00-10:00
  • Sunday, 5 September 07:00-10:00

On Friday, we ask you to arrive early, so as to leave enough time and space to register and take a test, if necessary, without creating long queues.

As of 30 August 2021, Estonian government guidelines do not require masks to be worn inside if the environment is controlled. This means that in the conference area you are not required to wear a mask, although we will make masks available here should you wish to do so. However, you will need to wear a mask in the hotel lobby, on public transport, and in shops and other indoor public spaces.

Feeling unwell?

If you suspect that you have fallen ill with COVID-19 during the conference, please contact the LMC staff by calling +372 56385113 (24h). The LMC and Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel staff will provide support to the extent we are able. An assigned contact person from the LMC Team will help with any practical needs you may have. Guests based in Estonia will be asked to return home. If you are feeling unwell, we ask you not to attend the conference.

The Estonian Health Board also asks all conference guests to notify the LMC Team ( in case they test positive for COVID-19 once they return from the conference.

Please note that all health and safety requirements are subject to change.

Travelling to Estonia

The latest information about requirements for travelling to and from Estonia can be found on the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

As of 11 August 2021, government guidelines do not place restrictions on travellers who have been vaccinated, or previously infected with COVID-19. There is no requirement to self-isolate on arrival.

Restrictions are placed on the unvaccinated. As the number of unvaccinated guests is small, the LMC Team will work with them individually and provide more detailed information to them personally.

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated guests will need to fill in the Estonian Health Board traveller’s questionnaire up to 72 hours before entering Estonia. Once the questionnaire is done, you will receive an email which some flight carriers ask you to present while checking in.

PCR tests for flights

Different flight companies have different testing requirements. It is the responsibility of the traveller to ensure that they complete any necessary tests and documentation before travelling, thus we ask you to check and comply with the requirements and documentation necessary for your travel to Tallinn.

The LMC Team can help you organise and take any PCR test required for your return flight from Tallinn. If you wish this assistance, please send an email to, no later than Thursday, August 19th, to let us know what type of test you will require, which you will prefer (a nose swap or spit test) and by when.

Testing can also be done at Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport. More information is available on the airport’s website.

Travel insurance

We kindly ask you to make sure that your travel insurance will cover any expenses that may occur if you fall ill, including extra accommodation, travel, and healthcare costs. The LMC Team is ready to provide practical assistance, but we cannot provide financial support.