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Pavel Baev

Research Professor at the Peace Research Institute Oslo

Dr Pavel Baev is a research professor at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). He is also a senior non-resident fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC, and a senior research associate at the French International Affairs Institute (IFRI) in Paris. He specialises in Russian military reform, Russia’s conflict management in the Caucasus and Central Asia, and energy interests in Russia’s foreign and security policies, as well as Russia’s relations with Europe and NATO. Dr Baev is the author of several books, including The Russian Army in a Time of Troubles (SAGE, 1996) and Russian Energy Policy and Military Power: Putin’s Quest for Greatness (Routledge, 2008). Dr Baev received a doctorate in international relations from the Institute for the US and Canadian Studies, Moscow in 1988.
Updated: August 27, 2021