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Sabine Fischer

Sabine Fischer

Senior Fellow, German Institute for International and Security Studies

Dr Sabine Fischer is a senior fellow at the German Institute for International and Security Studies (SWP) in Berlin. From 2019 to 2021 she worked in Moscow as a team leader of the Public Diplomacy EU and Russia project. Previously Dr Fischer was the head of the Eastern Europe and Eurasia Research Division at the SWP (2012-2018) and a Senior Research Fellow at the European Union Institute for Security Studies in Paris (2007-2012). Her research focuses on Russian foreign policy and domestic politics, EU-Russia relations, EU policy towards Russia/the EU’s eastern neighbourhood and unresolved conflicts in the region. Her latest publications include Repression and Autocracy as Russia heads into Duma election (SWP Comment 2021/40), Alternative futures of EU-Russia relations in 2030 (EUREN Report 2, 11/2020, with Ivan Timofeev), The Donbas Confl ict (SWP Research Paper 2019/05, April 2019).
Updated: August 24, 2021