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Susan Glasser

Susan Glasser

Staff Writer and Columnist, The New Yorker

Susan Glasser is a staff writer at The New Yorker, where she writes a weekly column on life in Washington. Glasser has served as the top editor of several Washington publications, including, most recently, Politico and Foreign Policy. Before that, she worked for a decade at The Washington Post, where she was the editor of Outlook and national news. Glasser also oversaw coverage of the impeachment of Bill Clinton, spent four years as the Post’s Moscow co-bureau chief, and covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her books include Kremlin Rising (Scribner, 2005) and The Man Who Ran Washington (Doubleday, 2020), both of which she co-wrote with her husband, Peter Baker. Their book on the Trump presidency will be published this autumn.
Updated: March 31, 2022