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Breakfast Session under Chatham House Rule

Back to the Future: The Emergence of a New Arms Race

May 17, 08:15-09:45
Room: Copenhagen

In recent years there has been a notable uptick in the expansion of military arsenals globally, spearheaded by Russia and China. There is a risk of descent into a broader arms race, encompassing both nuclear and conventional capabilities. The war in Ukraine has demonstrated that the application of emerging technologies has become indispensable in modern warfare. To prevail in a future war, nations are developing AI-controlled weapon systems and are investing heavily in new technologies, such as quantum computing. The possible application of AI in nuclear operations would be another challenge to international peace and security. Are we facing a new arms race and if so, who is winning? How can we keep up with the investments made by Russia and China?


Ulrike Franke

Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations

Matthew Kroenig

Vice President and Senior Director of the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security and Director of Studies at the Atlantic Council

Philippe Lavigne

Supreme Allied Commander Transformation at NATO/ACT

Robert Magowan

Deputy Chief of Defence Staff of the Royal Marines of United Kingdom

Harinder Sekhon
Harinder Sekhon

Distinguished Fellow, CUTS International, Washington D.C. Centre


JJ Green
J.J. Green

National Security Correspondent at WTOP