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LMC 2019

China and the West: Playing Chess with Checkers’ Rules?

Today we are witnesses to a growing Chinese role in the world, evident in the strategic New Silk Road projects and China’s vast investments in key technologies and critical infrastructure. Chinese investments and economic interests in the US and Europe will have substantial political, security and economic impact in the coming ten years and beyond. How will China`s strategic goals evolve and how sustainable are they? Are China’s massive investment projects sustaining or burdening its economy? What are the implications for Europe and the US in the political, economic and (cyber) security fields? What are the possible approaches to dealing with China’s increasing ambitions? Can Chinese, European and American business and security interests and rules ever be compatible?


Dean Cheng

Senior Research Fellow, Heritage Foundation

Yang Cheng

Professor of International Relations and director of the Eurasian Studies Unit of Shanghai International Studies University

Theresa Fallon

Director, Centre for Russia Europe Asia Studies

Torrey Taussig

Nonresident fellow in the Brookings Institution Foreign Policy program’s Center on the United States and Europe


Bobo Lo

Independent International Relations Analyst, IFRI, Lowy Institute, Center for European Policy Analysis

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