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LMC 2022

“Хотят ли русские войны?” Russian Self-Perception from Within and Without

Марк Бернес, Хотят ли русские войны [1961]

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has left it isolated from the West. The state and its leadership have been cut off politically and economically. But at an individual level too, Russian society has been almost entirely disconnected from the outside world and forced to live in a reality created by itself and by the information machinery of the state. An exception is the many influential societal groups that have been forced to flee Russia in large numbers.


Alisa Ganieva

Writer, civil activist, Moscow PEN Member

Ivan Krastev

Chairman, Centre for Liberal Strategies

Alexey Levinson
Alexey Levinson

Head of the Socio-Cultural Research Department at Levada Center

Sergei Medvedev

Professor, Moscow Free University


David Vseviov

Professor Emeritus of Art History and Visual Culture, Estonian Academy of Arts

  • What happens inside this Russian bubble?
  • How can the influence of fear, threats and state propaganda on citizens’ self-perception be described or measured?
  • What role and place are intended for national minorities in the state’s scheme?
  • How are Russian’s national self-perceptions influenced by their limited rights to memory and remembrance?
  • Can exiles influence processes inside Russia and what role can exiles play in Russia’s political future?

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