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Man Plans, and God Laughs

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the 14th Lennart Meri Conference planned for 15 May 2020 was postponed until September 2021. However, we did not give in to the pandemic and provided the friends of LMC some food for thought, spirit of the LMC, with a special online edition of ICDS Diplomaatia magazine.


Analyses, commentaries and interviews that decode foreign, security and defence policy trends and published in the Lennart Meri Conference special edition of ICDS Diplomaatia magazine.

It Is High Time for the West to Think About Belarus

While the US Congress recently approved a vital and long-awaited $61 billion support package to Ukraine, the west should not forget about Belarus. Belarus has been a crucial actor in Russia’s war in Ukraine. While civil society, political opposition, and the whole Belarusian democratic movement…

Speech by President of Estonia Alar Karis: We Are Shaking Off Our Mistaken Strategy of “Deterring by Restraint”

Speech by the President of the Republic of Estonia Alar Karis at the Lennart Meri Conference 2024.

LMC 2024

Make Russia Pay

In April 2024, President Joe Biden of the United States signed a long-awaited aid package for Ukraine. The law also includes mechanisms enabling the confiscation of Russian sovereign assets as a countermeasure to its war of aggression. This action reflects a shift in the US…

LMC 2024

Speech by President Alar Karis

Dear friends, I am honoured to welcome you in Estonia for the Lennart Meri conference, and I am pleased to see many familiar, but also new faces. When we gathered in Tallinn last year, there was still shock caused by the brutality of the war…

LMC 2023

Accelerated Growth: Developments in Baltic Defence

Russia’s war in Ukraine has prompted Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to accelerate the building of their armed forces.

LMC 2023
AP Photo/Scanpix

To Speak or Not to Speak with Russia: A Baltic Way

After Russia invaded Ukraine, the diplomatic scene witnessed many collective walkouts at international venues when the representatives from the aggressor country took the floor – a symbolic gesture of protest and disgust with the Russian policy and those who defend it.