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Frank Vrabel

František Vrabel

CEO, Semantic Visions

František “Frank” Vrabel is the founder and CEO of Semantic Visions, a software-based analytics firm located in Prague and London, operating a military-grade open-source intelligence system that collects and analyses 90% of the world’s online news content. He is an expert on the use of disinformation by state actors, particularly Russia and China, and is a frequent media commentator on the threats to democracy posed by disinformation and the Big Tech business model. As a serial entrepreneur with Silicon Valley experience, Frank Vrabel has advised governments around the world on enhancing their use of open-source data in threat analysis. In 2019, Semantic Visions won the US/UK “Tech Challenge,” a global competition to fund the development of cutting-edge new technology to combat disinformation online.
Updated: August 25, 2021