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LMC 2021

Veritas Vincit: Truth Prevails

Eliot Higgins, the founder and leader of Bellingcat, has called the internet an intelligence agency for the people, providing previously unimaginable possibilities to investigate and search for the truth. A broad enthusiasm for open-source investigations demonstrates that facts still matter.


Rob Bertholee
Rob Bertholee

Strategic Advisor, Kantoor 07

Roman Dobrokhotov

Editor-in-Chief of The Insider

Christo Grozev

Lead Investigator at The Insider

Frank Vrabel
František Vrabel

CEO, Semantic Visions


Kimberly Dozier

Global Affairs Analyst at CNN

Journalist Luke Harding has remarked that the balance between open and secret intelligence is shifting, and that spying is no longer the preserve of nation states. Investigative journalists and the intelligence community both gather and provide information that influences policies, political regimes, international relations, and people’s lives, and both need to protect their sources.

  • Is a new rivalry between these groups emerging, or can they find a way to collaborate?
  • Will a rapid evolution in the techniques and means of gathering information produce fundamental shifts in the intelligence community and in investigative journalism? 
  • What are the practical implications?

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