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LMC 2017

Dealing with the White House – The Limits of Transactional Foreign Policy

Donald Trump speaks of American foreign policy in blunt, zero-sum terms. But neither American greatness nor Western goals are based solely on self-interest. Values and belief systems, and a long-term perspective are important too.


Stephen Biegun
Stephen Biegun

Senior Vice President of the Boeing Company, former US Deputy Secretary of State

Brookes Peter
Peter Brookes

Senior Fellow, National Security Affairs, Heritage Foundation

Sarah Kendzior
Sarah Kendzior

Journalist, Political Analyst, Writer

James Kirchick
James Kirchick

Visiting Fellow, Brookings Institution


Ahmed Rashid

Journalist, Writer

  • Can US foreign policy succeed based on the thinking outlined in The Art of the Deal?
  • How far does rhetoric match reality, and what role do the leading figures in the Administration have in implementing, or constraining, Mr Trump’s thinking?
  • What would a purely transactional approach mean for Europe, as an American ally—and competitor?

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