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Ana Isabel Xavier

Associate Professor and Researcher, Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa

Ana Isabel Xavier is an associate professor at Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa and a full researcher at OBSERVARE, leading the research strand on security studies, peace and war. Since 2013, Xavier is a guest lecturer at the Air Force Academy and member of the board of the Portuguese Atlantic Commission since 2020. She holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Coimbra, 2011, and attended the Study of the United States Institutes program in Fulbright in 2013 and the German Marshall Fund Fellowship program in 2016. Since 2015, she has been serving as a trainer at the European College of Security and Defence. Xavier previously served as deputy director of the National Defence Policy from 2015 to 2017. She was awarded the Spanish Cross of Aeronautical Merit with White Decoration in 2016 and the US National Defense Service Medal in 2017. Xavier is an international affairs analyst on Portuguese national television and radio, with a weekly magazine on Europe.
Updated: April 26, 2022