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LMC 2017

Can the Outside World Fix the Middle East?

In the last eight years, the United States has been very careful to avoid deep involvement in the Middle East, particularly in Syria, despite the risks posed by the deteriorating situation there. New players, notably Russia, have moved to fill this vacuum.


Andrey Kortunov

Director General, Russian International Affairs Council

Sven Mikser

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Estonia

Mehmet Şimşek

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Turkey

Hemin Hussein Mirkhan
Hemin Hussein Mirkhan

Director of the Centre for Regional and International Studies (CRIS), University of Kurdistan Hewlêr


Kimberly Dozier

Global Affairs Analyst at CNN

  • Can outsiders exert a positive influence to return peace and stability to the region?
  • Does the United States now intend to be more engaged in Syria?
  • Can outside powers find common ground with local political forces and with each other?
  • Is the Middle-East doomed to be a region where large powers settle their differences?