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LMC 2021

China. Vincere Est Vivere: To Conquer Is to Live

The fourth technological revolution has begun. No domain remains untouched. How should we view technological competition with our adversaries from the unfree world, especially China?


Dean Cheng

Senior Research Fellow, Heritage Foundation

Ulrike Franke

Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations

François Heisbourg

Senior Advisor, International Institute for Strategic Studies

Samir Saran
Samir Saran

President, Observer Research Foundation


Tara Varma

Visiting Fellow in the Center of the United States and Europe at Brookings

  • Are the battles over 5G and artificial intelligence purely technological, or do they imply choices between competitive ideologies in a changing world order?
  • Can we distinguish between technologies that bring risk and those that do not as a basis for deciding on whether to cooperate with China?
  • Can the US and the EU find common approaches to this challenge?
  • What do China’s immediate neighbours think?
  • How does China itself define security and how does China’s leadership implement this definition?
  • Can we separate technology and geopolitics?

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