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LMC 2022

Computer World: Digital Security

Kraftwerk, Computer world [1981]

Events such as the 2017 NotPetya global cyberattack, of which Ukraine was the main victim, have raised awareness of security in the digital domain, while Russia’s war in Ukraine has once again introduced the spectre of malicious cyber activity as an inescapable component of state-on-state warfare. Russia and China may both regard cyber means as useful elements of hybrid confrontation, for example to disturb supply chains. Combatting these threats requires trusted connectivity, appropriate standards for digital security in the civil and military domains, and partnership between government and private ventures.


Kaush Arha
Kaush Arha

Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

Jan Lipavský

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

André Loesekrug-Pietri

Chairman, Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI), the European ARPA

Alina Polyakova

President and CEO, CEPA


Toomas Hendrik Ilves
Toomas Hendrik Ilves

President of Estonia (2006–2016)

  • Are our societies sufficiently aware of and resilient to digital security risks to be able to create credible deterrence?
  • Is the West equipped to respond to potentially devastating digital challenges coming from the undemocratic part of the world?
  • What more needs to be done?

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