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LMC 2022

Heroes? NATO on the Doorstep of the Madrid Summit

David Bowie, Heroes [1977]

Russia’s war in Ukraine has brought a new security reality to Europe and new imperatives for transatlantic relations. NATO has not been so relevant to international security since the darkest days of the Cold War. But it must adjust to today’s circumstances and remain focused on resurrected threats and flexible in its response to them. At the same time, while the Alliance cannot spread itself too thinly, it must also play its part in addressing challenges from the arc of instability to Europe’s south, and from China.


Tobias Ellwood

MP, Chair of the UK House of Commons Defence Select Committee

Camille Grand

NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment

Jüri Luik

Estonian Ambassador to NATO

Damon Wilson

President and CEO, National Endowment for Democracy


Teri Schultz

Independent Reporter

  • How should the new era be defined in NATO’s strategic concept and what roles should the Alliance prioritise and pursue?
  • What is the impact, internally and externally, of NATO’s likely expansion?
  • How should NATO and the EU share responsibilities for security, and how can the new strategic concept be made to dovetail with the EU’s strategic compass?
  • Is there any future for NATO-Russia relations?

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