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LMC 2022

Happy Together: Western Balkans, Together with Whom?

Russia’s war against Ukraine has had a negative influence on the security situation throughout Europe, including in the Western Balkans.


Ivan Krastev

Chairman, Centre for Liberal Strategies

Milena Lazarević

Programme Director and Co-Founder, European Policy Centre

Milan Nič

Senior Fellow, German Council on Foreign Relations

Oleg Serebrian

Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova

Damon Wilson

President and CEO, National Endowment for Democracy


Ondřej Ditrych

Director, Institute of International Relations Prague

  • What is the mindset of the countries of the Western Balkans after the war?
  • Where do their national sympathies and interests lay?
  • Have they maintained their EU perspective, or is their focus turning elsewhere?
  • Will the EU lose out to others such as Russia, China, and Turkey?
  • Can the EU prevent disaffection in the region?
  • What is Serbia’s role in building or destroying stability in the region, and in influencing the political orientation and EU membership aspirations of others?
  • What should the EU do next?

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