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LMC 2022

Recent Poll of Levada Centre: Dance of Little Swans Back on State TV?

Opinion polling in late April showed that over 80% of Russians approve of Putin, while almost 75% support the military actions of his army in Ukraine. Russians see the USA and NATO, not Russia, as being responsible for the death and destruction in Ukraine. These feelings may change as the situation develops, but the reality today is one of deep animosity towards Ukraine and a growing divergence of Russia from the West.


Jill Dougherty

Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University

Christo Grozev

CEO, Bellingcat

Alexey Levinson
Alexey Levinson

Head of the Socio-Cultural Research Department at Levada Center

Kadri Liik
Kadri Liik

Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations


Roman Dobrokhotov

Editor-in-Chief, The Insider

  • How can we describe the ‘ordinary’ Russian today?
  • What does this mean for Russia’s future?
  • Are there any factors that might change the public mood?
  • Sanctions and a deteriorating economy? 
  • Developments on the battlefield?
  • The simple passage of time?

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