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LMC 2022

Наша Славна Україна: Rise Up, Ukraine

Pink Floyd, Andriy Khlyvnyuk, Hey Hey Rise Up [2022]

Ukraine is fighting for its survival and its land. But for Putin, this is a war against NATO, while for Europe, it is a war for values. The stakes for everybody are enormously high.


Christo Grozev

CEO, Bellingcat

Hanna Shelest

Director of Security Programmes, Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”

Pierre Vimont

Senior Fellow at Carnegie Europe

Celeste Wallander

Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense for Policy at the US Department of Defense


Matti Maasikas

Ambassador of the European Union to Ukraine

  • What are the likely outcomes of the war for Ukraine?
  • What place can Ukraine now find in the European and international security architecture?
  • For how long can Ukrainians resist fatigue and remain mentally fit to fight an active war, and the low-level conflict that may follow for years after?
  • Can Russia be made to answer for its war crimes and atrocities?
  • What Ukraine and what Russia will emerge from this war?

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